New journal is up!

Ps: Butts.


"Very good! You are now in possession of the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device. With it, you can create your own portals."

And prank Snippy.

… I don’t know what you’re planning to do with this thing but I don’t like the way you stare at me from that couch you’re sitting on, like a lurking cat waiting for its prey to be distracted just for a moment.


Sharply dressed, by request. Office clothes are surprisingly scarce around here, so a shirt from the bus stop mannequin’s wardrobe and my old work tie will have to suffice.

Ooohh I didn’t know we’re going on a date tonight?

ask-irl-engie replied to your post “Can we now call you “Juicy Pants” instead of snippy or Charles?”

Let’s not forget “Mr. Sausage.” Ahahaha!!

Yeah… it’s pretty ironic that my pants are merged with my skin now.

The Princess and the Dork by Sol4rpleXus

…in which Engie is the princess and Snippy is her lovely dork.

Ask-irl-Engie and Ask-irl-Snippy

A message from Anonymous
Can we now call you "Juicy Pants" instead of snippy or Charles?

How many times do I have to say it? NO.


I want everyone to take a brief moment while reading the latest strip to properly appreciate Engie’s package.




Uuuhm Engie I think they’re after you now.

A message from Anonymous
What do you prefer to call you: geek or nerd?
A reply from ask-irl-engie

"Intellectual badass" will do.

Wow, someone has an ego!

A message from jadeitor
*totally drunk after drink a shot form every post of your booty* Shake, Shake, ShakEeeE, Shakespeare yaaa boootyy laaakaaaaalkwaaaafifgifdyzgdz, hey .... hey ... hey ... hey ... juicy

*watches her collapse on the floor, mumbling more nonsense*

I… don’t take any blame for this.

A message from 12orange
Engie says your ass isn't that good and that he's "seen better", I think he's jealous because his ass isn't as juice ;)


Can we move on to a different topic now? I’m feeling a bit objectified here.

A message from Anonymous
do he got the booty? HE DOOOOO
A reply from ask-irl-snippy

*quickly hands you a bottle of spirituous liquor*






New drinking game: Take a shot every time somebody mentions Snippy’s ass. Hand it over.

Good, once you lie passed out on the floor I’m gonna draw dicks all over your face.

And then I’ll paint one on your back while you sleep and that nifty scarf of yours can fuse it with your skin forever. After all, it’s not a party until somebody gets a tattoo that they’ll regret later.

If you do that, I’m gonna stick pieces of bubble gum into your fur and pour glue into your favorite boots. Then I will spray you with cat nip, which seems to have a rather attracting effect on all kind of mutated wildlife out there.


Look who’s talking.

A message from jadeitor
Can I wax your google eyebrows? You will look better, it wont be painfull :D
A reply from ask-irl-snippy

Sorry but I dont think these kind of eyebrows are wax-able. Cancer made sure of that.




I’m sure they are ……………….

If you try hard enough, they will come off. Go ahead and do Anchor a favor, he shall look splendid.





BTW, nice booty, keep shaking it!!!

Bwah… Why did you do this to me?? :’( Now I will never find a girlfriend.


Actual five year olds engie and snippy

Mooommyyyy! Bad, bad Engie is disassembling my toys again! :’(

A message from egozentrischer-heiliger
Be happy that WE didn't call the police! You stripping in public has upset A LOT OF PEOPLE!

Objection! I blame Engie for stripping me of my precious clothes with his clumsiness and then stealing my pants.

candied-sardines replied to your post “Well, if you don’t want us to talk about your butt… we need to see the front view of the photo so we can talk about your dick then.”

HEY NOw, Snip’s disco stick is off limits. We were talking about bottoms, lets keep it that way.

Thanks. Finally someone with some decency!